Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Always get Three Quotes...

Danny Finkelstein. Khalid Mahmood MP. Kirk from Corrie.

"The Labour Party seems to be pushing out the most successful leader in its history. Who is Tom Watson anyway? Who are these eight parliamentary aides who seem to be setting strategy for the future of the Labour Party...?"
Danny Finkelstein, Tory SpinDoctor, Newsnight, tonight.

"We need an end to this public nonsense that has been going on. We saw what happened to the Tories and we don't want it (for the Labour Party)."
Khalid Mahmood, one of the eight aides Finkelstein was talking about, hours after resigning. Newsnight, tonight.

"I'm bright enough to know I'm stupid."
Kirk, Coronation Street, Monday.

And the winner is...


Bruno (Skegness) said...

I'm looking for a winter home.

Will you take me in?

It's OK for Tony. He's got the American lecture curcuit.

He's taken everyone in.

If you want my view, it was his dreadful foreign policy that did for him.

Even donkeys know that much.

Brynley said...

Once again, Bruno has put his hoof on the exact spot.

But centre-left totem, Polly Toynbee, makes another good point in today's paper.

When shallow Stephen Byers, who is known to be in the bunker with Blair, suggests scrapping inheritance tax, a policy too nasty even for the Tories, how come Blair doesn't slap him down?

A fair-minded person must conclude that he's up to something.

As must a left-Hegelian donkey called Bruno.

Bruno (Skegness) said...

I've taken a straw poll.

It's an open field.

Of 8 Skeggy donkeys willing to give an opinion..

2 wanted Margaret Beckett 'cos they liked the caravan life.

1 wanted Alan Johnson 'cos they knew all about being tied to the Post.

1 wanted John Reid 'cos he gives good wallop.

1 wanted Charles Clarke 'cos he likes his feeding bag.

1 wanted Jack Straw. Why on earth? "I just like straw, it's a donkey thing"

1 wanted Gordon Brown 'cos he's kind of taciturn like us.

Me? As a left-Hegelian donkey, put me down for John McDonnell.

Come to think of it...
the way things are going today.

Just put me down.