Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh dear, what can the matter be...

No, not two ladies stuck in the lavatory, only one. And she was just getting comfortable on the throne at Tesco's when what must have seemed like the whole world came crashing down on her.

I couldn't help seeing a funny side in the predicament of shopper Deanne Speed, as told in last night's Lincolnshire Echo HERE

Apparently, Deanne has won thousands of pounds in damages after the ceiling in a supermarket toilet fell on her head.

She had made for the customer toilets after she was caught short in a Lincoln store while buying a cake for her mother's 86th birthday.

In her own words, as reported in the Echo:

"I asked my mother to take the trolley to the till while I went to the loo and as I was sitting down, with my trousers and knickers round my knees, the whole roof came in on me.

"It just fell and fell and fell. It was a suspended ceiling and tiles, clouds of dust and metal bars from the frame came down..."

Eventually, with a gashed leg and covered from head to toe in brickdust and debris, she managed to stagger out of the toilet into the supermarket causing her elderly mother to almost faint when she saw her...

Deane continues:

"I'm claustrophobic anyway and I always leave the toilet door open a bit, even in public loos."

The Echo's final quote from the hapless victim is a classic:

"I still shop at Tesco but only when I'm desperate."

I think we know what she means...

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Brynley said...

She leaves the cubicle door open...

...and the roof falls in.

Ain't life grand?