Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ming gaffes it as media look for Charlie's Comeback...

Ming Campbell did his best to look statesmanlike as he arrived at his first LibDem Conference as Leader of his Party.

But he gaffed it with a daft soundbite that under him the LibDems are moving from a Party of Opposition towards being a Party of Government.

It was laughably reminiscent of the "Go Home and Prepare for Government" variety that did no favours for one of his predessessors.

The agenda for the LibDem week looks likely to be dominated by a damaging row over how much they would raise tax.

But the media will want to focus on two questions:

1. Has Charlie Kennedy recovered from his drink problem?
2. Who will make the best Leader's speech - present Leader Ming, or deposed Leader Kennedy who wants his old job back.


Elephunt said...

I'm not psychic but I confidently predict Ming will give a lacklustre
speech and Kennedy's will be full of self deprecating humour, leaving the assorted anorak and sandal brigade to wonder how on earth Ming will make any impact on an election campaign dominated by Cameron and Brown.

Anonymous said...

Politicalhack wrote:

That's kinda like predicting where bears defecate or if the Pope wears a hat.

Bruno (Skegness) said...

Cameron versus Brown, you think?

I dunno.

That Alan Johnson is well buff.

Elephunt said...

actually the pope wears a sort of skull cap, not strictly a hat, and bears are now encroaching on man's terrain-so you are as liable to find bear poop covering your garden gnome as you are in the woods.