Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tory schools boss tells angry parents: You've let me down

The Executive member under fire earlier this year for her handling of school closures is in hot water again with parents.

This time she has accused parents of special needs children of letting her down!

Patricia Bradwell hit the front page of this week's Spalding Guardian after pulling out of a meeting with parents at Garth Special School declaring: "They let me down."

Cllr Bradwell, in charge of primary schools on the all-Tory Executive at Lincolnshire County Council, had arranged to come to the south of the county for what she described as "a small chat" with parents at Garth School.

The parents were fired up by rumours that Garth Special School is under threat of closure and Cllr Bradwell no doubt hoped she could calm their anger.

But one of the parents upset her by inviting the Spalding Guardian. The paper's reporter offered to wait outside and ask Trisha for a quick comment after the meeting.

But Cllr Bradwell said no, pulled out of the meeting, and accused the parents of letting her down.

Talk about oil on troubled waters...

Click HERE to read this week's Spalding Guardian story

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