Sunday, August 27, 2006

Close encounters of a two-legged variety

My daughter laughed when she saw my post on the silly-season story in the Lincolnshire Echo Invasion of the Super, or not .

Claire went to University in Lincoln far more recently than I grew up in the city, so she is much more of an expert on the night life of the place than I.

Claire chuckled at the Echo quotes from Ms June Belton who was wheeled out to regail the story of her "close encounter" with a rat on Monks Road.

Ms Belton told the Echo she still gets goosebumps thinking about the time a rat looked at her before scurrying off (that's the rat scurrying, not Ms Belton).

It seems that Ms Belton has led a sheltered life. Claire tells me she has experienced much closer encounters than this on Monks Road.

She assures me none of the offenders had four legs.

It's a matter of debate, however, whether they could be categorised as "super-rats..."

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