Thursday, August 10, 2006

To the moon and back – 15 times

I worked it out to 290 times around the earth.

But the Lincolnshire Echo prefered to express the over seven million miles of journeys claimed by our county council in terms of To the moon and back - 15 times.

Whichever way you express it, seven million miles travelled on official business by our county council officers and councillors is almost a million more than they claimed just two years ago.

Of course, Lincolnshire is a big, rural county, but it hasn't got any bigger in the past two years and I have not heard anything to justify such a huge increase.

Even the Executive councillor responsible Nick Carter agrees that the massive rate of rise is simply not sustainable.

The Echo splash their front page tonight with the story - complete with huge graphic of the moon!

And on for those interested in the financial costs (ie, all of us who pay the bill!) the follow up on page 2 with: Taxpayers forking out £3.3 million for staff travel.


Brynley said...

Maybe one or two of them are wired to the moon.

fairdealphil said...

certainly a few of them appear to live on another planet...!