Saturday, August 19, 2006

A grades against the odds

Following my rant yesterday (see 'What buys a Uni place'), I was delighted that the Stamford Mercury proved me wrong in their "A" level results coverage by highlighting two astonishing stories of real achievement.

First there is Jemma Clarke HERE who gave birth during her studies at Robert Manning School in Bourne. She battled on to complete her "A" levels despite further setbacks of sleepless nights and endless trips to hospital with her baby who eventually needed an operation.

Then, when baby was six months old, her boyfriend was sent to prison.

Jemma overcame every setback thrown at her and has been rewarded with A grades in all her subjects. Now she's off to the University of the Arts in London.

Then there is Nigel Mabvuure HERE also celebrating A grades in all his subjects taken at Rutland College after arriving in this country from his native Zimbabwe just two years ago.

But get this: every day after finishing school, Nigel did a three hour shift at a local a supermarket before going home to revise from 11pm to 2am...

Nigel is hoping to study medicine at Imperial College, London.

Thanks to the Mercury for two wonderfully inspiring stories of achievement against the odds.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nigel. You are an inspiration! Good luck with your studies.