Tuesday, August 08, 2006

John Kettley is a weatherman...who lives in Lincs

The man who was made a legend in the hit song
John Kettley is a Weatherman
has moved his family to live in Lincolnshire.

He was interviewed on BBC Look North tonight when he revealed that he now lives in a Lincolnshire village.

John's a Yorkshireman, who made his mark as a BBC TV weatherman based in Nottingham in the eighties.

He became a household name when a pop song about obscure "C" list celebrities made the charts in 1988 for an even more obscure group called "A Tribe of Toffs"

Apparently, John now does a regular turn as a BBC Radio Lincolnshire presenter. If you don't believe me, tune into 94.9fm tomorrow morning at 9.30am. Posted by Picasa

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Brynley said...

..apparently John's wife had lived in Lincolnshire before.