Saturday, August 26, 2006

A train of two halves

Hundreds of Peterborough commuters had a nasty shock on their way home last night when the train they were on split in two at 90 miles an hour.

The accident happened on a packed First Capital Connect (formerly WAGN - West Anglian Great Northern) train service from King's Cross. Ten minutes into the journey the back four carriages decoupled from the front four.

Fortunately, no-one was hurt.

Hundreds of passengers in the back four carriages which came to a halt some way behind the front four, were given no information by rail staff about what had happened - which I suppose is understandable if the guard was in the front four!

Amazingly, the two sections then carried on as two separate trains and completed the journey to Peterborough - arriving an hour late.

When the Tories privatised our railways they fragmented the system so much that it could never be re-nationalised.

But even the Tories stopped short of splitting the trains themselves...

Unlike the Tories, First Capital are clearly living up to their promise to deliver more trains!

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