Monday, August 21, 2006

Red-faced Tories promise to be greener

The red-faced Tory leadership at Lincs County Council have promised to become greener after my story on the rocketing mileage bill.

The Stamford Mercury managed to extract a promise from Councillor Nick Carter, a member of the all-Tory Executive, that the council will become more environmentally friendly.

I hope it's more than empty words.

Cllr Carter says work is underway to improve the council's computer network and video conferencing and webcasting will reduce the need for travel.

He told the Mercury: "I would want explanations if the bill continued to rise."

It's a start and hopefully the story has helped focus the issue. But I think Cllr Carter should say why the annual mileage bill has already risen by almost a million in the past two years.

Sorry, I can't provide a link to the Mercury story as it does not appear on their website. I only managed to get a hard copy of Friday's Mercury yesterday from Tesco's after it had sold out in my local newsagents - probably due to the spectacular front page picture of a tornado hitting Baston.


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It's a river in Hampshire. But it's certainly not happening at The Oval just now.

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it's ok, you passed.