Monday, August 07, 2006

Sat Navs: Leave no trace

As one of the few motorists still on the road without the latest SatNav gadgetry attached to the windscreen of my car, I'm unlikely to be victim of the latest wave of thefts.

Local police are warning motorists with SatNavs to leave no trace of them when they leave their car after eight attempted thefts in recent weeks in the Deepings, Bourne and Stamford area.

Only recently, police were warning us to take the SatNav out of the car when parking up.

Now the villains are apparently targetting cars with SatNav cradles still in the window (even if you've taken the SatNav with you, a hot cradle will make a thief £20 on the black market).

Police are now telling local motorists to even remove the mark on the windscreen left by the suction pad when the cradle is taken out and which is a tell-tale sign to the thieves

The good news is that local police have arrested an 18-year-old who has been remanded to prison.

The thieves can't nick my SatNav because I don't have one. But when they came snooping round my driveway a few weeks ago, the thieves didn't just taking what was inside my car - they nicked the entire vehicle!

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