Friday, August 25, 2006

Labour defectors: What TV doesn't tell you

Tonight's news broadcasts are leading with the defection of Labour Party members in the Foreign Secretary's constituency "over Government policy in Lebanon".

Mohammed Peeno and his new found friends in the LibDems Leader are of course happy to exploit the Lebanon angle to push their own agenda.

But tonight, Labour bloggers such as Luke and Crazy World of Politics are questioning whether the media are telling the full story.

They are absolutely right.

Last Wednesday, Mr Peeno was rejected by local members of Normanton Labour Party in his bid to become a Labour candidate at next May's local elections in Derby.

24 hours earlier, local members of the Labour Party in Arboretum rejected Abdul Majeed, another of today's defectors in his bid to be Labour's candidate in Arboretum ward.

Both attended recent meetings of Derby South Constituency Labour Party attended by their MP, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett.

Strangely, none of them raised the Lebanon question, the reason the broadcasters tell us is why they have joined the LibDems. Seems to have slipped their minds.

No prizes for guessing the subject on which Mr Peeno and Mr Majeed had lots to say at the meetings.

All they actually talked about wasn't Lebanon at all, but issues on how they could secure the nomination to be Labour candidates.

Today’s defections have nothing to do with what's happening in the Middle East and everything to do with a failed attempt to take over a local Labour Party.

But that's not such a good media story, is it?

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