Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year: Am I getting old or what...?

Happy New Year one and all...

My Christmas cold which refuses to go away, combined with the blustery weather – another birthday yesterday – and general seasonal tardiness, has conspired to rewrite our best laid plans to drive a couple of hours down to Norwich to spend the festive evening with friends tonight.

My wife and I have decided instead to go for a night in front of the fire – and the telly which I'm pleased to say hasn't been on once since before Christmas.

Our youngest daughter Lucy and her fiancé Dan are coming over for a juicy steak and a bottle or two of red…and we’ll probably spend midnight looking on the TV for our older daughter Claire who’s partying in London to see if she makes it to the fireworks...

With five hours to the midnight hour, TV news has just shown crowds already gathering (and shivering) on the Embankment for London's spectacular show.

I'd rather be in front of the fire!

Am I getting old or what…?


Anonymous said...

Having just watched Grumpy Old Year - you probably are. I am also spending a night in front of the fire and will watch my friend Jools later! I feel it is a case of been there and done that?

Anyway, a very happy New Year Phil and I do hope the cold disappears soon. The claret tonight may help!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to one and indeed all! Yes, it's sad being online on New Year's Day, but my wife Morag has made a pigs ear of my morning soup so I'm sulking.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Phil.

Just got back into Lincoln after Christmas and New Year festivities with the family in Skegness.

Had a nice bottle of my favourite Rose Wine and some Quality Street chockies in front of the fire to see in 2007.

Hope the 50p silver I put outside last night brings plenty of good luck!

fairdealphil said...

liz, enigman and Geoffrey:

thanks for your greetings.

Happy New Year to one and all.