Monday, January 01, 2007

Still think Global warming's a myth...?

Last year was by far the warmest across England since records began nearly 350 years ago.

Meteorologist Gareth Harvey of Meteogroup said today that average daily temperatures in 2006 set a new record "by a long way."

The average daily temperature, based on readings from a number of meteorological stations, was 10.9 Centigrade (for luddites like me: that's 51.62 in real money).

So 2006 was significantly warmer than the previous hotspot year on record - 1990, when an average daily temperature of 10.67C (51.2F) was recorded.

Mr Harvey predicts there could be more warm years on the way with most forecasts agreed on a rising temperature trend over the next 10-15 years.

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Anonymous said...

Global Warming alarmism is a fraud.

Not because there might not be some small amount of human-induced warming.

BUT because there is not the slightest evidence of the likelihood of CATASTROPHIC warming.

This planet is hard-wired for catastrophic COOLING.

Catastrophic COOLING!

Catastrophic cooling ONLY.

Its a one-way bias and because of this one-way bias any warming we can cause is a good thing and any cooling a bad thing and this could not be more obvious.