Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Skeggy & Mablethorpe beats Blackpool in casino stakes...

Congratulations to East Lindsey in coming up trumps for a casino licence for the Lincolnshire coast.

Manchester has just been named as location of the UK's first "super-casino", beating bookie's favourite Blackpool to the prize. The chosen site in the east of the city is where Manchester did such a brilliant job of hosting the Commonwealth Games (and next to the stadium now home to Manchester City FC).

While Blackpool missed out, the Casino Advisory Panel set up by the Government has granted East Lindsey one of eight licences for the smallest type of casino to be allowed.

It's a welcome regeneration boost for the Lincolnshire coast. The casino will be built on one of six identified sites between the resorts of Skegness and Mablethorpe. Details of East Lindsey's excellent bid here. Photo from their site is artists impression of how the Lincolnshire casino will look.


Anonymous said...

Yes brilliant, casinos, great idea. So in Blair's Britain, if you don't get MRSA or savaged by a dangerous dog, you can lose every penny of your over-taxed income to some American crime syndicate. That'll be socialism then(!).

fairdealphil said...

Michael: So i guess you won't be coming back to Britain to live anytime soon...?

Anonymous said...

Not such a big surprise to see Manchester get the jackpot.

They were backed in on Betfair down to just 7/2 second favourites at the weekend which was the same price as London.

It is of course a body-blow to Blackpool and my thoughts are with a number of friends I know who live there.

Great news for Skeggy though.

Perhaps your fellow County Councillor for Skegness North Mark Anderson will show his support for a casino for once?

fairdealphil said...


thanks for that. sorry about your friends in Blackpool.

I agree no real surprise about Manchester - it's clearly proved itself as a city that delivers the big prizes.

Anonymous said...

Another two years I think...which is about as long as this rotten
Government has left. Maybe Blair could have my job, but I doubt my employer will want him after he leaves prison.

Still at least he doesn't have to go to Iraq on a one way ticket, like so many of the brave British soldiers he sent there to die.

fairdealphil said...


1. Blair's record:

I'll wait for the outcome of the police investigation and any court case to see if anyone has actually broken the law (as Tories were) before rushing to judgement.

2. Iraq:

Hang on as minute...Only a few days ago i recall you hailing the executions of Saddam and his henchmen...

Yes, our Prime Minister sent brave British troops to Iraq to deal with the Saddam who was identified by almost every nation in the world as a serious threat.

Was it the first time UK military has ever been sent to war with Parliament's blessing ??

The Government decision to send troops certainly had the support of the Tory Opposition who months earlier demanded that Blair order pre-emptive strikes to take out Saddam.

Had our PM not taken tough action against Saddam, he would now be facing criticism from the very same critics, but from a different angle.

Anonymous said...

Tories and er...Robert Maxwell. The greatest robber in British post-war History and a major funder of...the Labour Party!

I supported the War, but we were sent there on a lie.. Blair sent men to die on a botched mission with a lack of proper equipment and no clear plan because of a lie. The execution of Saddam was a happy day, but it doesn't bring back the troops whose lives Blair poured down the drain. For a lie.

Anonymous said...

Is this Michael Oakeshott's blog?

Anonymous said...

Or Phil's?

Anonymous said...

Does socialsim recognise ownership now?

Anonymous said...

only in the case of railtrack