Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Power of local press leads to fair cop...

A police appeal published by the Grantham Journal has led to three wanted men all giving themselves up at local police stations.

Lincolnshire Police believe an increase in burglaries in the Grantham area and the trio's release from prison was no coincidence. They issued their public appeal after all three flouted their strict bail conditions.

Police offered a reward to anyone who could help them trace the three villains.

Within hours of the appeal appearing in the Grantham Journal, one of the men handed himself in at Grantham Police Station.

A few days later, the second man turned up at Grantham Police Station to hand himself in.

And to complete the good news, later the same evening the third man handed himself in at Peterborough Police Station.

The three men are now back in prison and will now finish the remainder of their sentence.

Police Sergeant Martyn Parker said:

We believe that these individuals were committing crime while on conditional release from prison. Our investigations will continue into the crimes that have been committed in the local area and hopefully we will may get some more positive results.

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