Monday, January 01, 2007

Kilroy-Silk to follow Georgeous George Galloway...?

If you thought the bizarre spectacle of Georgeous George Galloway on Big Brother was cringing, it seems you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Robert Kilroy Silk is bring heavily tipped to make his TV comeback on Celebrity Big Brother. The makers of the programme are trying to keep the line-up for their new show secret until it airs in a few days.

But the name Kilroy Silk - known as Tangerine Man for his love of sunbeds - is being widely touted to bring some colour to the show.

As the Independent newspaper says today, Kilroy-Silk disappeared from British television screens when he was sacked by the BBC for describing Arabs as "suicide-bombers, limb-amputators [and] women-repressors".

Following his celebrated sacking by the BBC, he managed to get elected as an East Midlands member of the European Parliament (despite not getting my vote).

On election as MEP for the Eurosceptic right wing UKIP, Kilroy-Silk said he would make it his mission to destroy the European Union. He's been barely heard of since -apart from his acrimonious split with UKIP when they wouldn't let him be leader.

A few months later he created his own party - Veritas - and took on Labour's Liz Blackman in the General Election. For me, the sweetest result of election night was seeing Kilroy Silk totally humiliated. Not only did the able, hard-working Liz Blackman increase her majority in her Erewash (Derbyshire) seat, but Kilroy-Silk barely held on to his deposit!

MP Galloway was said to have made a million from his time in the Big Brother house when he pretended to be a pussy cat lapping milk at Rula Lenska's feet.

No doubt Celebrity Big Brother is right up Kilroy-Silk's street.

But isn't he getting paid handsomely by the public purse to represent us in the European Parliament, not stroking his ego on Big Brother...?


Anonymous said...

What is our Euro MP getting up to?

He should be working for his constituents in Brussels.

fairdealphil said...


i've never regarded him as "my" Euro MP...

Anonymous said...

Not a programme I have ever watched. The loathsome George and now Robert. No doubt he hopes to use the programme to restart his media career. I understand Mr Barrymore was successful in doing this after his appearance on the show.

Mr Kilroy Silk's first speech in Europe was hilarious - he was quite "mad" and ended up having his microphone switched off. What a representative for this region although I expect the healthy remuneration does pay for his suntan. He does seem to have personal difficulties in relationships with others and most definitely an over developed sense of worth..

I did not vote for this man - never would. I believe he lectured in politics before becoming an MP. However, his media career seemed to change him. I hope his true nature of being a self serving individual who stood for office and then failed to represent those who voted for him is portrayed on this show. He is clever enough to hide this to achieve his personal ambitions.