Saturday, December 16, 2006

US company brings in illegal keep them out?

When an American company won the contract to build a massive border fence to keep Mexicans out, they hired a very special workforce...more than 100 illegal immigrants from Mexico!

The Golden State Fence Company based in southern California will pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants after a court case in San Diego this week.

The U.S. Attorney says as many as a third of the Golden State's workers were in the country illegally — even after the company pledged to clean up its act when authorities discovered illegal workers on the payroll back in 1999.

Two executives could now face jail.

Ironically, their lawyer claims the case proves that US construction companies need a guest worker programme. It’s tough, low-paid graft that no self-respecting American would want to do.

The red-faced company says the illegals “slipped through the cracks...”

Doesn’t say much for the quality of their fence!

Hat-tip to Tom Watson MP


Scrybe said...

a clearly brilliant and innovative idea, IMO. how better to make sure illegal immigrants don't enter the country than hiring those who have the most knowledge on how they do so to implement preventative measures?


Anonymous said...

This story of our times reminds me of one closer to home.

The Inland Revenue have outsourced their property management to a company that avoids taxes by being based offshore.