Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who's a Cheeky Boy then...?

The Lib Dems have admitted that their front bencher Lembit Opik intervened over plans to deport his Cheeky Girl lover Gabriela Irimia to Romania.

The Home Office refused the Transylvanian twins Gabriela and Monica Irimia further leave to remain in the summer.

But Gabriela, who says it was love at first sight when she recently met the LibDem MP Mr Opik, wasted no time in handing him documents about her case. He obliged by passing the documentation on to the singers' constituency MP.

Mr Opik who caused shock and amasement at the weekend when a Sunday newspaper announced he had left TV weathergirl Sian Lloyd for Cheeky Girl Gabriela, 24, raised the issue directly with Immigration Minister Liam Byrne.

A spin-doctor for the Liberal Democrats says their man has shown "total propriety" and had not lobbied on their behalf. Apparently, Mr Opik raised the matter with the Minister, but did not lobby him.

This was completely normal procedure the LibDem spokesman claimed. But he was unable to confirm whether Mr Opik had mentioned any other cases to government ministers.

Well, that’s OK then.

Full story HERE

I couldn't resist using my favourite photo of Lembit - and also my favourite photo of the Cheeky Girls. Not sure which of the pair is Gabriela. Either way, I bet neither of them knitted Lembit's rather fetching regulation woolly hat...


Anonymous said...

The 'talented' duo with the pushy Mum have done themselves no harm at all here.

Wasn't their first hit called Cheeky Girls/Touch my bum?

Perhaps they could sing it for the Lib Dem leaders? Ming Campbell, Mark Oaten, Sarah Teather, Simon Hughes and Lembit Opik could all find something from the lyrics, I'm sure of that.

As for Lembik, well, yes, I love the hat which seems to be out of (was it?) Dr Zeuss and the Cat with the Hat.

It is not unusual for rather unhip middle aged men to convince themselves that they are just the thing for a young woman in the prime of life. But most of us, Lempit, see it for what it is and don't prentend to be in a fascinating, mature relationship.

Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

My wife Morag bought the Cheeky Girls album and it made her have an affair with one of my closest friends. Whilst I enjoyed some of the songs, every time I hear that CD I weep.

Anonymous said...

The point that Phil, Brynley and Enigman all missed..........

The Cheeky Girls are currently playing Skegness.

This is a Lincolnshire story.

One question:

Who is the other Cheeky Girl dating?

fairdealphil said...


so that's what Lembit really saw...

a night out in skeggy!

well, touch my bum...