Friday, December 01, 2006

Labour pours more millions into Lincolnshire...

Lincolnshire County Council is to get an increase of 5.9% next year in Government grants next year - that's a whopping £8.2 million EXTRA.

Tories who run the County will predictably hold the begging bowl out for more as they do every year - and then whinge on about "missing millions" as they do every year.

They'll attempt - as they do every year - to divert attention from shocking year-on-year failure to deliver decent services, as highlighted in yesterday's official verdict on social services which showed we are one of the dozen worst performing councils in the country.

But in a briefing note to elected members sent out today, Director of Finance Pete Moore has admitted once again that:

"...Lincolnshire fares significantly better than average".
It means the Labour Government has delivered above inflation increases to Lincolnshire EVERY year since it came to office in 1997 - that's never happened before.

In the three local government finance settlements before the Tory Government was kicked out in 1997, Lincolnshire County Council suffered real CUTS in grants.

It was a real double whammy as we were suffering painfully high inflation rates and a boom and bust economy.

In contrast, over the past decade Gordon Brown has delivered economic stability and unprecedented growth.


Anonymous said...

Better than the 2.7% Lincoln is getting

Anonymous said...

I've always been wary of pouring anything into Lincolnshire, let alone millions. I once tried to pour some gravel into a bucket in Lincolnshire and almost lost an arm.