Monday, December 11, 2006

Cameron avoids fine for no Tube ticket...

Conservative Leader David Cameron ended his a truly awful week with another embarassment at the weekend.

As the Tories called for a return to Victorian values today, it was revealed by the Daily Mirror that Mr Cameron was caught without a ticket on London Underground.

But he refused to pay the fine and apparently pulled the “Do you know who I am” routine.

Eventually, he persuaded the London Underground worker that he’d lost his ticket and he was allowed to pay £3 for another one. He avoided coughing up the full £30 fine passengers are usually charged when caught travelling without a ticket.

Transport for London regulations say:
In common with other transport systems in London, the Underground operates a Penalty Fare system. This means that you will be liable to a charge of £30 if you do not have with you, to show when required, the right ticket covering you entire journey.

You cannot travel without the right ticket and expect to pay during or at the end of your journey. If a passenger has no valid ticket or pre-pay validation on the Underground, then they will be liable to pay a penalty fare.
I wonder what the punishment was for travelling without a ticket in Victorian times...


Dave Pearson said...

But he refused to pay the fine and apparently pulled the “Do you know who I am” routine.

Where do you get that bit from? It doesn't seem to say that in the article you linked to.

Anonymous said...

In defence of Phil's piece, my wife Morag actually witnessed the event and overheard a "rather shabby" Cameron (her words) saying "look here, peasant, I haven't got time for your jiggery-pokery, what what?"

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

We all bits and bobs every now and again.