Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nightmare on Cameron Close: Shock, Horror...

A third of rank and file Tories are already dissatisfied with David Cameron’s leadership and almost half think he has gone too far in his first year as Tory Leader.

A growing rebellion within Tory grassroots is revealed in a members panel survey by the ConservativeHome blog and leaked in advance to the Observer. Tim Montgomerie says while there is growing unrest, there is no appetite for a change of leader.

The Observer also reports on the analysis of Cameron’s first year as Tory Leader: American political consultant Frank Luntz warns that Cameron is
“one poorly conceived stunt from disaster…”
Meanwhile, an ICM poll for the News of the World gives the Conservatives a 9% lead over Labour, but suggests that Cameron is focusing on the wrong issues and that Gordon Brown would make a better Prime Minister.

In tune with Cameron's "hug-a-hoodie" and "love-a-lout" initiatives, The News-of-the-World sums it all up in their headline: Nightmare for Cam the Cuddly.


Anonymous said...


Next Wednesday will be a year since David Cameron became leader of the Conservative Party. How time flies by. This should at least make Prime Minister's Question's even more interesting.

However, today I thought I would have a look back at the achievements of the Conservative Leader since he took over from Michael Howard almost one year ago.

Lets start with opinion polls. In October last year the monthly poll of polls had Labour on 39%, the Conservatives on 31% and those wishy-washy Lib Dem geeks on 20%. Today Labour are down 7 points at 32%, the Conservatives are up 6 points at 37% and the Lib Dems on 19%. (Notice the Difference) What must be much more worrying for Labour is the news that 59% of people polled for the Daily Politics said recently that they thought that David Cameron can beat Labour at the next election and that David Cameron still leads Gordon Brown in the personal ratings 41% to 35% per cent. So I think its very fair to say that this in itself has been a very good start.

Next its party policy. I think its a bit early to start judging DC on this because as we all know he has already set up task groups that are due to report in the new year looking at Competitiveness, Quality of Life Challenge, Public Services, Security, Social Justice,and Globalisation and Global Poverty.

Finally, and I believe just as importantly we have Campaigning. If ever a Government needed bringing to account it was Tony Blair's crony-ridden champagne socialists. As a fully pledged supporter of the Notting Hill Set I believe that under David Cameron campaigning really has become our strength. Be it campaigning against transparency in Government spending, fighting NHS cutbacks or fighting for what is best for OUR environment - this is where David Cameron has took the fight to Labour.

Therefore in conclusion my message to David Cameron and the new Modern and Compassionate Conservative Party is well done, keep up the good work up and don't let tossers get you down!


fairdealphil said...


I agree that Cameron is different - he couldn't do worse than Hague, IDS, Howard et al could he...?

But so far it's all spin, stunts and no policy - as highlighted by Lincs county councillor Christine Talbot on national radio at the Tory Conference.

Cameron knows he has failed to make a real breakthrough...

Which accounts for his warning yesterday to rank and file Tories to stop the internal rebellion which is clearly evident - look no further than County Hall, Lincoln...!

Cameron knows he should be doing better than he is if he is to have any chance at the next General Election.

You and I will both recall that Labour had double digit leads in the polls for years - but that couldn't stop the Tories winning their fourth term (even though most pundits agree Labour actually won the '92 campaign, we still managed to lose the election).

ps...good to debate with you Geoffrey and i will reciprocate the link when i next update my blogroll...

Anonymous said...

I was a spin-doctor but got struck off.