Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Media coverage is not cricket...

Watching the TV news coverage of England’s piss poor performance after our team was given a cricket lesson by Shane Warne (right) and the Aussies today, you’d think it was serious.

Channel Four bizarrely compared the English loss of concentration to the Battle of Hastings - complete with hand-to-hand battle-scenes - and talked of the need for the Battle of Britain spirit in the coming games…

…Newsnight went for a full-blown discussion between sports psychologists to examine why the English (and in fairness some other nations) seem so good at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

But both C4 and Newsnight’s Paxo failed to mention that we English do have our moments: a brilliant against-all-odds performance by England won the Ashes last year for example.

And while our national rugby team is admittedly in the doldrums right now, let’s not forget that we (Engerland) are current world rugby champions.

Sometimes, I think our national media would rather us be losers than winners!


Anonymous said...

I say they declared too early!

Anonymous said...

All very well blaming the media. The results haven't been good enough. Accepting this sort of rubbish won't make us the best in the world. The Aussies wouldn't accept it and nor should we.

I am going to Melbourne for a couple of days at the Fourth Test. I resent having my money wasted, and being embarrassed, by such incompetence. They had better get their fingers out and start playing, or new players should be tried in the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

I agree Michael.

fairdealphil said...


Didn't think I've ever say this, but you're right Michael!

though the media were praps a shade OTT comparing cricket with our lack of Immigration policy at the Battle of Hastings...)

Anyway, hope you enjoy Australia Michael:

The way England are playing, if you turn up in Melbourne you may get a game...don't forget your bat.