Saturday, December 09, 2006

Unhappy Tories defecting, dissatisfied and giving up...

They say bad news comes in threes - as David-hug-a-hoodie-Cameron discovered this week as he attempted to celebrate his first anniversary as Tory Leader this week.

ConservativeHome, Members' Panel has identified a sharp increase in dissatisfaction with Cameron as Tory leader - the number dissatisfied has increased from 24% to 32% over the last month. 15% of this dissatisfied number are 'very dissatisfied'.

Tory unhappiness is underlined in a memo revealed on ConservativeHome. Conservative Party Chairman John Maples has admitted that candidates standing for Tory seats are deciding not to bother. In a memo Maples wrote: "Recently several candidates have pulled out of selections very late in the process and at very short notice.”

Defection to UKIP by Toby Horton, who was William Hague's former constituency chairman. A Tory party member for 40 years, Mr Horton ran Hague's constituency in Richmond between 1996 and 1999. UKIP leader Nigel Farage who told the BBC News website this week he had turned down the offer of a "very safe" Tory seat before last year said he was "delighted" at Mr Horton's defection.

Photo shows Dave during another bad week - emerging from 11 Downing Street with his then boss, hapless Chancellor Nigel Lawson on Black Wednesday to announce interest rate increases of FIVE per cent on one day.


Anonymous said...

You are correct in that Tories are defecting but do you appreciate the real reason? The majority of this country are so disgusted by the current government, by its duplicity and disregard for parliament and the views of the population that an enormous backlash is unfolding. The backlash is directed at the Labour party and the disgraceful conduct of Labour MPs. If they think Cameron will be in any way similar to Blair they want nothing to do with it. The prospect of the Labour party, 90% of whom I would guess were CND supporters, allowing a unilateral decision to be made on Trident will haunt you for a very long time. The fact the decision was made by the least qualified man in the country, propped up by a scared and discredited party is an event the public will remember. Is it not obvious that these people are defecting because they feel they must be true to what they believe, they do not whant to be associated with spin and vote winning media stunts. Just like the exodus of Labour Party members over the Blair years the Tories cannot allow themselves to be associated with a Blairesque candidate like Cameron.

The longer the Labour Party allow Bliar to stay in power, simply to benefit them politically, the greater your defeat will be at the next election. It is hysterical to watch Labour minister's accuse Cameron of a lack of substance rather than defend the odious policies, that they do not believe in themselves, to a public taht has long seen through Bliars lies. What all this means is that the elcorate will resoundly reject those dishonest politicians from whichever party when they have chance to vote. The Labour Party cannot afford the luxury of insulting the public by leaving Bliar in power if they hope to survive the next election with even a token parliamnetary presence.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of the Tories. The honeymoon period is over and I am surprised that DC has had a relatively easy ride for so long. I know of others who have defected to the UKIP because they are unhappy about the apparent caring conservatives. Did I read somewhere that Toby Horton was livid about the party quoting or admiring Polly Toynbee and that tipped him over after many previous PR stunts "hug a hoodie" "tosser" etc?

The leadership has no doubt ruthlessly calculated that to win power they have to appeal to Middle England. This seems more important than their core vote and I wonder do they really care about the feelings of those hard working core voters.

If the members are unhappy with the leadership they are never going to select prospective candidates from the left of the Tory party. The recent resignation of the prospective candidate from Chester is a case in point. I think you mentioned him last week Phil? His resignation letter was everywhere on the web and he made some serious allegations against his local party activists.

I looked at the three stooges on the opposition benches following the mini budget statement- Cameron, Letwin and Osborne (Old Etonians together). They looked like overgrown school boys and this really did alarm me. It is all very well having a wonderful PR strategy - that is clearly what they have at present. However, I laugh at the mistakes being made - failing to turn up at a business conference, "tosser" and hug a hoodie campaign etc. It seems a foolish and lightweight image to create when the country is facing some serious problems. It is also clever campaigning as it is making the headlines and no doubt appeals to some. My problem is that I think that their campaign is all false and behind the gloss they are the same old party - look after the rich and Mr Osborne's few policy change announcements indicate this will happen. Should they be elected they will have to commit to the expenditure set by the current government for the first few years and then we will really see public services suffer. I do so wish that people could remember the appalling state of services ten years ago, the number of businesses going to the wall, the poor education results, homes repossessed, lowest investment in health than any other developed country, highest death rates from heart and cancer disease. Why do people have short memories? I think it is time that the Labour Party started selling itself and what it has achieved.

Long may the Tories remain unhappy and dissatisfied.........

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. You are wrong to say that 90% of the Labour Party are CND. This may have been so in the 70's but recent research suggests that there are only 30+ Labour MPs who are actively opposed to Trident. More may come forward on cost basis etc but that is the latest figure from Cambridge University. I was one of them in my youth and when I read some blogs with heavy input by Labour students I am most sympathetic with their idealism. Sadly, my idealism is now tempered with reality and I am for Trident although with a heavy heart. You would need to convince me that the UK would be secure in 50 years time. Also, all UK governments believe that we should be a nucleur weapons state as they see this as important in maintaining a major role in global affairs.

It is ludicrous that you consider that one man makes these decisions. There are a range of experts, foreign affairs and weapons, a Cabinet, and a Parliament to decide whether the UK should replace Trident.

Could you tell me what you mean about the disgraceful conduct of MPs? If you do not agree with their voting etc this does not make their behaviour disgraceful. If you are suggesting that some MPs behaviour have been disgraceful - the Lib Dem with the homosexual whilst promoting family values and the Tory MPs - one left his wife when she was receiving cancer treatment and one left his wife for his male interior designer I could agree. I am a woman so see this behaviour as disgraceful. I do not see any MPs (of whatever political persuasion) behaviour as disgraceful because they follow a policy I do not agree with or make a decision based on information which is later proved to be wrong. Hindsight is a marvellous thing don't you agree?

I do not consider my party as being scared and discredited. Interesting point that. Are you frightened of us? Members of the party are not feeling this way. The electorate voted for us not that long ago with the current leader. Democracy in force and even with mistakes made. One insults the public if one tries to remove a leader after a democratic vote for that leader - not as you say by his remaining in post.

Disagree with everything you have written. It would also be nice if you provided a name. Do you not think it gives more credence to comment?

fairdealphil said...


You may have forgotten, but there was a General Election some 18 months ago.

It's what we call democracy.

Blair won again.

When he hands over to his successor will be HIS decision, unlike Margaret-on-and-on-Thatcher who had to be extracted with a crow-bar.


Spot on, as usual, specially your reflections on the appalling state of the public services under the Tories.

It's our duty to remind people why the Tories were rejected in 1997, and why they must never be allowed back.

Phil (proud to be a member of Labour, and like most others, never a member of CND.

Anonymous said...

which is why i said "were CND members". Disgraceful behaviour of Labour MP's eeerrrrmmmm let me think. I would point you to any recent edition of question time or any questions and you can hear the audience openly laughing at government ministers idiotic answers. So the decision was taken when? When Brown let it slip months ago, when it is "announced by Bliar"? The vote will be a formality given the Tories support, as you would expect on this issue. I have no greater love of Cameron if he continues down the Blairesque road so please do not interpret my comment as those of a blinkered Tory. The fact that the Tories you obviously detest are reacting against spin politics should uindicate teh depth of feeling in the country and that the backlash is both real and widespread.

Your comments on the Tory MP who left his wife are entirely justified, that surely proves my point. Those days are over even for the "sleaze ridden Tories". I suggest you start at the top of the Labour Party when looking for disgusting behaviour - fabriicating evidence resulting in 600,000+ deaths falls into the disgraceful category as far as i am concerned.

Mandleson, Blunkett, Jowell, Prescott, Mills/Berlusconi, Levy, Cherie signing the Hutton report etc etc.

When will you realise that being in government for 10 years makes the pre 1997 story somewhat lame.

Still what do I know, you are behind in teh polls for the first time since 1992!

fairdealphil said...


you say: 'Those days are over even for the "sleaze ridden Tories".'

You want Tory sleaze...?

Does this fit the bill from my "favourite" paper...

Anonymous said...

As I have already pointed out on Conservative Home this poll is very unscientific because it is only of users of Conservative Home which is very much on the Right of the Conservative Party.

I think you would get a completely different response if you asked the same question to Conservative voters.

Therefore, as I pointed out in my Debate article in the Daily Mail last Thursday.. David Cameron is NOT on the wrong track!