Monday, December 11, 2006

Margaret B notes Pinochet death: Margaret T mourns. Telegraph recalls dictator's secret flight from Lincs

Two Margarets. But two very different responses to General Pinochet's death. While Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett notes his death, it is left to the dictator's old pal Margaret Thatcher to mourn his passing.

The former Prime Minister is said to be greatly saddened by the death of the ruthless dictator who she entertained to tea in Downing Street.

Following his death yesterday, I wondered whether Baroness Thatcher would attend his funeral. ITN reported overnight that it won't be a state occasion.

If Mrs Thatcher had still been PM, she'd probably have staged a state funeral in London for Pinochet, no doubt in recognition of his support in the Falklands War against Argentina.

A spokesman for Lady Thatcher told the Daily Telegraph Lady Thatcher would not be issuing a formal statement but would be sending her "deepest condolences" to Gen Pinochet's widow and family.

The Telegraph says the statement issued by Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett is 'terse'. It is also right on the button:

We note the passing of Gen Pinochet and want to pay tribute to the remarkable progress that Chile has made over the last 15 years as an open, stable and prosperous democracy.
Meanwhile, in a separate article, the Telegraph recalls Pinochet's secret flight from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but the Telegraph article describing the General's detention and escape is really very good, isn't it?!

fairdealphil said...

mark: yes, i enjoyed it too.

Anonymous said...

Pinochet is an anagram of "etchopin". If only more people would have realised when he was alive, the suffering could have been prevented.