Sunday, December 31, 2006

What has Leicester in common with Buckinghamshire...Dominic Grieve!

Tory Leader David Cameron has appointed an MP from Buckinghamshire to be "Shadow Minister" for Leicester.

In what sounds like the most ill-fitting appointment since John Redwood became Secretary of State for Wales, Dominic Grieve, MP for Beaconsfield has been given the job of raising the Tory's image in Leicester.

Mr Grieve tells the Leicester Mercury
We want to re-establish the Conservative Party as a presence in inner cities.
He apparently aims to talk to Leicester communities and find out more about their concerns.

What does a Buckinghamshire Tory MP know about an East Midlands city like Leicester - which is represented in Parliament by three Labour MPs?

Mr Grieve tells the Mercury:
I already know Leicester a little...I have visited some of the mosques.
He'll be telling us next that some of his best friends are Asians...

All very interesting, but I wonder what the good people of Beaconsfield think to their MP being sent off to look after Leicester...

Hat-tip to Conservative Home.

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Anonymous said...

Have a look at Dominic Grieve's record in respect to community relations before making silly comments. His constituents and colleagues know very well how suited he is to the Leicester initiative and are pleased to support him. Don't be taken in by his personal modesty !!!!