Saturday, December 02, 2006

More excuses after social services drubbing but Christine refuses to go...

The Tory councillor responsible for the worst adult social services in the country refuses to accept any blame and has instead offered more excuses.

At yesterday’s council - just 24 hours after the damning inspection report was released - Labour’s John Hough reminded Christine Talbot that this time last year, she promised to resign if this year’s inspection report didn’t show marked improvements.

Last year Lincolnshire social services were graded a lowly one-star. But at least we had “promising” prospects of improvement.

This year we have slipped to the very bottom of the heap. Now we have “uncertain” prospects – the worst performance in the country.

John Hough called on Cllr Talbot to keep at least one promise by resigning.

He pointed out that under the leadership of Jim Speechley - who was jailed for abuse of office – there were 46 councils across the country who performed worse than Lincolnshire’s social services.

Now we are the worst.

Christine blushed and wriggled and wriggled and blushed, but refused to go, saying she was the best person to sort out the mess.

She said the report only covered services provided up to the end of March this year and brazenly claimed that the poor services were “not on my watch”.

In fact, she was appointed as Portfolio Holder in May 2005, so at least nine months of the year being inspected certainly were on Christine’s watch.

Cllr Talbot talked it as if Labour had been in charge prior to her appointment, when in fact she took over social services from fellow Tory, Wing Commander Cllr Edward Bliss.

But the most gobsmacking excuse Cllr Talbot offered for our appalling inspection was “a problem with Data Collection”.

When my chance came, I told Cllr Talbot that no amount of wriggle, spin and lame excuses could deflect from the damning indictment that under the Tories, adult social service delivery in Lincolnshire is officially the worst in the country.


Anonymous said...

Once again these figures are only up to about nine months ago and cover a period when LCC was undergoing big changes.

I believe that time will show that Christine is right.

fairdealphil said...


That's exactly what the Tories said last year...and the year before that...and the year before that...

the point is over that time, we have slipped even further behind and now offer the worst social services in the country.

A number of years ago, they promised that we'd be a three star authority by 2005.

They've failed Lincolnshire people year on year and still have the gall to keep coming up with the "big changes" excuse.

Anonymous said...

I heard on Radio that Labour were totally shambolic at Fridays County Council particularly over the Prime Ministers beloved City Academy.It would appear that Labour councillors led by your beloved Rob Parker not only managed to vote against a motion proposed by Conservatives to support an expression of interest in getting £50 Million into Lincoln for the City Academy but your councillors managed to get their votes recorded as opposing this investment.Hardly a sensible electoral ploy Phil - Hope you had the sense to duck the vote and either leave or Abstain since its suicide.What will Ms Merron MP have to say about that I wonder??

fairdealphil said...


haven't had a chance to post on the Academy proposal and hope i'll get a minute on monday to do so...