Friday, December 22, 2006

Which is your favourite Lembit pic...?

I've changed my mind about my favourite photo of Lembit Opik.

A couple of days ago, when I posted on how the cheeky LibDem MP raised the case of his new lover with an Immigration Minister, this was my fave Lembit pic.

But Thursday's Times changed my mind.

Alongside the headline: MP lobbied to prevent his lover's deportation the Thunderer used this rather fetching Press Association snap to illustrate their rather well-crafted article on Lembit's latest antics.

It shows Lembit playing Father Christmas.

Which I suppose just about beats playing the fool...

It's hard to believe that only few months ago, the accident prone Mr Opik as the Times describe him, was being tipped as a future LibDem Leader. But then so was Mark Oaten.


Anonymous said...

Lembit is in his early 40s, which is a bit young to go into middle aged man with failing libido self destruct with younger woman mode.

All the gains here seem to be with the Cheeky Girls who get some very valuable promotion.

That said, it's hard to dislike Lembit Opik. From his asymetrical face to his off beat interests (asteroids and suchlike) he is in serious danger of rescuing politicians from the personality-free managerialist territory of Alistair Darling and Stephen Byers.

A positive thing, then.

Anonymous said...

'tis a funny thing, the wayward arrows of Eros.

I've always been a keen admirer of the sisters Cheeky.

But only for their music, subtle and deeply layered as it is.

Daniel Cremin said...

Classic pics there - Lembit is featured in my 'greatest political prats of our time' along with Norman Baker, Michael Howard, Jeremy Corbyn, etc on facebook- going to change it to the wooly hat one. As you say you can't dislike him, just pity his party - Ming the muppet should can him and pack it in too before the nice party resort to knifing him like they did kennedy