Monday, December 18, 2006

Face of the Ipswich Ripper suspect...

The man detained by police investigating the murders of five young women in the Ipswich area gave a bizarre interview published in yesterday's Sunday Mirror.

Recently divorced supermarket worker Tom Stephens, 37, claimed in the interview that he was a friend to all the victims and that they were the five best looking prostitutes in Ipswich.

He also said there is something about him that women do not like. He said he didn't have any alibis, had already been interviewed by police four times and expected to be arrested. But he denied any involvement in the murders and did not expect to be charged.

He told the Sunday Mirror he became the girls' "protector" and would have had "complete opportunity" to carry out the crime as "the girls trusted me so much".

He was detained by police this morning at his house - some two miles from where two of the bodies were discovered.

Photo is from the Sunday Mirror site where the full interview is also available.

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