Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More nightmares for Cameron...

More bad news for David Cameron following the awful events last week that marked his first anniversary as the latest Tory Leader.

The latest poll results for The Times, shows Cameron’s Tories face their lowest poll rating since April - and nowhere near the breakthrough he needs to win a General Election.

Support for the Tories has fallen by two points over the past month after holding steady at 36% over the summer. Labour is steady on 33%, with the Liberal Democrats also down at 19%.

The poll, by Populus, follows defections to UKIP by some prominent Tory activists and Right wing rumblings of discontent about Cameron’s leadership over his views on green policies, tax and Europe.

Maybe this explains Cameron’s sudden lurch back to the right in recent days, with a call for Victorian Values and the return of John Major's ill-fated ‘Back to Basics’ message.

While David "hug-a-hoodie" Cameron was keen to present his "love-a-lout" image, his own MPs are distancing themselves from the views of their leader.

For example, Tory MP, David Davies, told the Commons yesterday:

I put my arms around a hoodie when I was on the parliamentary police scheme, that was to hold him until the officer came to put the cuffs on. That's the only time that they should receive a hug of any sort.

So don't expect to see David C hugging David D for a while...


Anonymous said...

I had a nightmare about David Cameron in which he made love to me several times but never returned my calls.

Anonymous said...

The poll still shows that the Conservatives are well clear of Labour if Gordon Brown were to lead them.

fairdealphil said...


labour was ahead in the polls in 92 - even the exit polls said labour had won - and we all know what happened when the votes were counted...

...let battle commence...!