Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do we want fuel duty to go up...?

Amazed to see Chancellor Gordon Brown under criticism from Greens on Newsnight tonight for getting rid of the Tory fuel escalator some years ago.

The constant cry from the Tories over the past ten years has been that Labour is anti-car and wants to price the ordinary motorist off the road.

But the Greens were moaning that the level of petrol duty has not been raised since Labour came to office. And they were backed up with Newsnight graphs to prove the point.

Oh well, it seems tomorrow’s Budget statement may keep the Greens happy: the Daily Telegraph front page tomorrow reports that Gordon Brown is all set to increase fuel duty.

PS: Other front pages tomorrow report that sales of those ridiculous 4x4 Chelsea tractors are down and that second-hand values have gone through the floor.

That has to be good news - and before any news of an increase in fuel duty!


Anonymous said...

What is also amazing is the fact that secondhand 4x4 vehicles are slumping in value a bit like the old Jaguars used to.

fairdealphil said...

You are right Geoffrey: I bought my ten year old xj6 a couple of years ago for a song.

It's a beautiful motor-car, but sadly been stuck in the garage for months with a serious water leak due to a blown core-plug...

Still nice to look at!

Hope Blackpool is bracing.

Anonymous said...

The real cost of running a car has been falling in recent years, even the motoring organisations (who publish their own statistics) admit it.

The fuel duty rises were stopped, but now that the cost of petrol has fallen back a bit, that's the time to pluck the feathers from the very fat goose.

Eddington's report on our transport future came out last week. The congestion charge is going to cover the country. Interesting fact: no political party is opposed to it (although no doubt there will be a theatrical bun-fight over some of the detail when we get to it).

fairdealphil said...


certainly, Ken Livingston has been vindicated (again) over the congestion charge in London.

He's made the first positive difference to traffic flows in the capital for generations.

Anonymous said...

Blackpool is lovely and bracing for this time of the year Phil.

Got my "Livewire" article published in the Blackpool Evening Gazette last night in full to the tune of over 400 words.

Back in Skeggy tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

On Thursday morning, just before the "pre budget" speech diesel in Rainbow was 90.9p/ltr.
This morning it is 92.9p/ltr.
I am sure Mr. Brown increased fuel duty by 1.25p/ltr.......Strange......the forecourt price went up by 2p/ltr. So who has got the other .75p? Yes, I know, .75p is not much in these "expensive" times we live in but if the average driver put 40 litres in his tank that is 30p a fill. How many motorists pass through the pumps per day?
I am a pensioner and it has just taken half of one week's pension to fill my car. Mr. Brown would love it if I was no longer able to afford to run a car. Perhaps I will soon not be able to since I am also, through taxes, paying for the fuel for "two jags" and all the other MP's vehicles.
What has happened to the regulatory bodies who are supposed to keep a check on prices and dare I say theft? Why do fuel prices always have to end in .9p?