Monday, January 26, 2009

Kilroy's kangaroo testicles and Spanish practices...

Robert Kilroy Silk - who faced a storm a couple of months ago when he was paid to appear on 'I'm a Celebrity' at the same time as collecting generous wages to represent us as Euro-MP for the East Midlands - is clearly finding it tough to survive the economic downturn.

He's apparently been forced to advertise his luxury Spanish villa for rent - for a cool £12,750 a fortnight.

If you want 'extras' like air-con for your stay at Permatan's Pad, that will cost you another £250.

And to squeeze every penny, you can even get a map of the local area thrown in for another four quid. What a cheek.

Wonder how much extra he charges for his sun-beds?

So why is he trying to rent out his villa, which rather ironically is said to be a former olive mill (no, honestly!).

Well, locals say Kilroy is rarely seen there. Critics of course would say he's rarely seen at the Euro-Parliament either where he reportedly misses at least half the votes, attracting derision in such publications as Private Eye.

In fact, few have seen Kilroy in the East Midlands, never mind the Euro-Parliament since the good people of Erewash in Derbyshire rejected his vain bid to become their MP in the 2005 General Election - see photo.

Which was an even bigger humiliation to his ego than becoming the first 'celeb' to be booted out of the jungle when the former MP and sacked chat-show host attempted to relaunch his TV career before Christmas...

I loved the comment from Labour's Glenis Willmott at the time. Glenis suggested that Kilroy was elected to represent the people of the East Midlands, not parade in an Australian jungle chewing kangaroo testicles!

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