Tuesday, January 06, 2009

War of the children as Israel kills more...

Israel killed at least 14 more children in Gaza yesterday.

Three children and their mother died after a tank shell destroyed their house in the eastern part of Gaza City.

Two more children were killed in artillery salvos from the Israel's Navy.

Among the other deaths yesterday were seven members of the same family killed when Israeli forces attacked a Palestinian refugee camp.

No surprise then that Unicef confirmed yesterday that children in Gaza are bearing the brunt of the conflict.

Gaza's hospitals are said to be overwhelmed with hundreds of casualties.

Meanwhile, the Geneva based International Committee of the Red Cross warned last night that people in Gaza are dying because Israeli shelling is preventing ambulances reaching the wounded.

The Red Cross said two Gaza hospitals had run out of fuel for their generators, and 45 wells across Gaza were out of action after they were hit in Israeli air-strikes - threatening water supplies to a third of the population.

Aid agencies warned that hospitals had been damaged and that Gaza desperately needs food to feed its people - and body bags to bury its dead.

Reuters reports the Palestinian Red Crescent saying amid the fighting, a pregnant woman had to be taken to hospital on a donkey cart but didn't make it in time. The baby was still born and the woman suffered a ruptured uterus.

But perhaps the most depressing news of the day was that the United States blocked a call at the United Nations for a cease-fire.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to chuck rockets into Israel. But the casualty figures still highlight Israel's horrifically disproportiate response.

Accurate casualty figures are difficult in any war, but in this one, Israel has managed to prevent the world's media from witnessing what they are doing in Gaza.

The number of Israelis to die since they excalated the conflict has yet to reach double figures - ie, under ten, including three of their soldiers reported killed last night.

But it is clear that more than 500 Palestinians have died since Israel escalated the conflict, including many children and other civilians - as well as some Hamas fighters.

It is the innocents who are paying the biggest price.

How many more babies and children will have to be killed or maimed for life before this carnage is stopped...?

Gaza is fast becoming the war of the children.

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