Thursday, January 08, 2009

Claims that UFO mangled giant wind turbine in Lincs marshes...?

Claims that a UFO mangled the giant blade of a Lincolnshire wind turbine are running on BBC, Sky and ITN after one of my county councillor colleagues claims he saw mysterious bright lights in the sky.

Robert Palmer is Conservative councillor for Louth Marshes division in the north of the county where he is a poultry farmer. He's also a member of Lincolnshire Police Authority and an East Lindsey district councillor.

Now he is calling for the windfarm to be closed down in case someone is chopped in half by a falling turbine blade.

What caused the damage to the massive turbine blade is a mystery and even the owners say they can't rule out UFOs.

I've heard they get up some some strange nocturnal activities in the Louth Marshes and I've no doubt Robert will be ribbed relentlessly by his colleagues over his claims to have seen mysterious bright lights late at night...

But as an ex-Army Regimental Sergeant Major who served numerous tours of Northern Ireland, I'm sure he'll take it in good heart.

UPDATE: Robert describes what he saw in an interview for Sky television which you can see at The Sun's website

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