Saturday, January 03, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli ground troops attack Gaza

After killing 400 Palestinians in the past week - and suffering just four Israeli deaths in the same period of hostilities - in the past few minutes, Israel has confirmed that its ground forces has crossed the border into the Gaza strip...defying calls from around the world for a cease-fire.


Anonymous said...

Like a typical socialist you still don't state the full facts.

Ken Livingstone was just as bad earlier.

The pre-Christmas rocket attacks on Israel were nothing short of an act of terrorism and in the words of President Bush: "Strong government's must show leadership in the war on terror."

Hamas cannot say they were not warned because only recently Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Egypt's Foreign Minister said "The Israelis have been warning you that this was coming if you continue your cross border rocket attacks. Egypt has been imploring you to stop firing rockets into Israel, but you ignored our words. We have been urging you to renew the cease-fire with Israel, but you refused. You have brought this upon yourselves. You are responsible for what is happening to the people of Gaza."

Over the past week more than 300 rockets, missiles and mortar rounds have been fired from Gaza by Hamas and other militants at Israeli villages and towns. More than 560 have been fired since Hamas escalated rocket firing on 4 November 2008 and this is on top of the 5,000 which have been fired from Gaza recently.

The media seem to think these rockets are fairly harmless. They are not. They are weapons of terror.

Hamas are a bunch of murderous thugs and up to Christmas Israel had done its best not to react, but in the end their patience has snapped - and understandably so.

They have acted using the only kind of force Hamas can understand and one which I fully support.

May God Bless Israel, because they, and nobody else, are the real sufferers of this conflict which is why the War on Terror must go on and why terrorism should be wiped out by everything at Israel's disposal.

And may God also bless George W Bush because as so many people so frequently forget, if it wasn't for the bold leadership shown by the likes of the great George W along with Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, a certain murderous dictator could still be in power in Iraq today.

May the Force be with you Israel, have a pizza and pepsi on me and may God Bless You All!

fairdealphil said...


I'm sure the Israeli 'Defence' Forces will be chuffed to know they have your blessing Geoffrey as they attack Gaza with their tanks and artillery tonight...

You accuse me of not stating the 'full facts' and then present the pro-Israeli view of events without question!!

I'm first to say I'm no expert on the Middle East. Nearest I've been is Cyprus and Turkey so I can only react to what I see on the media...

You say Ken Livingstone was 'just as bad' earlier.

I heard Ken on BBC Radio yesterday. I don't always agree with him, but he made the most sensible contribution I've heard on the conflict so far.

He explained that no-one should be surprised by the Palestinians reaction to being squeezed into the relatively tiny space of the Gaza strip, hemmed in ruthlessly by the Israelis who control their borders, with little water, food and medicine shortages, with two thirds having no access even to basic sewerage services, no jobs etc..

Isn't that the whole crux of the issue...?

Of course, Hamas are wrong to chuck their missiles at Israel.

I would not suggest that Hamas missiles are not certainly harmless, but the casualty figures speak for themselves, and it appears from my armchair that Israel's reaction is totally out of proportion.

I listened to Condi Rice's words yesterday and was saddened that the very first thing she had to do was condemn Hamas...

Whatever she said after that, the Israelis have clearly taken as licence to invade.

Sad to see you say that no-one else is suffering in this conflict apart from the Israelis -the casualty figures tell a very different story.

Tell the Palestinian family who lost three children in an Israeli rocket attack that only the Israelis are suffering Geoffrey!

For every Israeli death, there have been 100 Palestinian deaths.

That hardly seems a proportionate response.

Yes, I suppose we all should have seen the Israeli action coming Geoffrey - there is after all an election in Israel coming up?

Or is that entirely unrelated Geoffrey?

I hope we can agree to disagree on this one...

Anonymous said...

I think that many people will take offence to your comments about the forthcoming election.

The fact of the matter is that rockets have been landing on Israel now for two months and they were warned.

Even the Czech Foreign Minister says that the move is "defensive" rather than "offensive!"

fairdealphil said...


Read you previous comment and take the offensive plank out of you own eye before you complain about the splinter in mine...!

If I were a refugee living in the squalid ghetto of Gaza, unable to work, unable to feed my family as most of the 1.5 million population are, I'd can assure you I'd take offence...

The Palestinians in Gaza may not be best served by Hamas who they voted in as their Government in democratic elections, and yes, the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel must be stopped...

But serioisly Geoffrey, are you truly attempting to defend the stranglehold the Israelis have imposed on the Gaza strip year after year - food and medicine shortages, lack of basic services such as water, electricity or even sewerage, and dire economic sanctions and border controls?

So far, the Israelis refuse to talk to Hamas - and for their part Hamas refuse to recognise Israel.

But sooner or later, this conflict - and the awful atrocities - will only stop when there is a ceasefire and both sides sit down to talk...

Hopefully sooner.