Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Peterborough Station - where inflation runs at a staggering 59%

Why have greedy rail bosses more than doubled parking charges at Peterborough Station in just two years?

Rail users were stung badly enough yesterday with New Year rail fare increases way above inflation - my National Express Peterborough-Kings Cross return ticket cost a whopping £87 - an extra £7 on the pre-Christmas fare.

Without any notice, arrogant National Express also hiked parking charges with more eye-watering increases.

As the Peterborough Evening Telegraph points out, yesterday's shock 20-per-cent rise in parking fees means that in just two years, they have imposed rises of a staggering 118 per cent.


Anonymous said...

welcome to new labour transport policy.

fairdealphil said...

I seem to recall it was not Labour responsible for the scandal of selling off our national rail asset but the Tories.

Fortunately, Labour has been able to bring back the track into public ownership after safety breaches which led to a series of tragedies.

I think you'll find that Peterborough Station car parks are owned and run, not by Labour, but by National Express.

I for one wish it were otherwise.