Saturday, January 24, 2009

BBC has lost the plot over Gaza appeal...

The BBC has taken a shameful and outrageous decision for totally spurious reasons NOT to broadcast an appeal by the respected Disasters Emergency Committee to send aid to Gaza.

It is a decision that MUST be overturned without delay to help save children and show the world that at least the British people have some compassion for the suffering innocents.

UPDATE: The Times says the BBC has been isolated by ITV, C4 and C5 who have all agreed to boradcast the appeal on Monday. There's also all-party pressure from Government Ministers and the Opposition to the BBC's bizarre decision.

But so far, BBC bosses has stuck their heads in the sand and refuse to do the decent thing.

Unless the BBC acts very quickly with an immediate u-turn, far from protecting their worldwide reputation, the BBC are shooting themselves in the foot.

With both barrells.

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