Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ken Clarke is back...Bring 'em on!

ITN just announced that former Tory Chancellor Ken Clarke has done a deal with David Cameron and will become Shadow Business Secretary tomorrow - replacing fellow East Midlands MP Alan Duncan.

ITN says the pro-European MP Ken Clarke has taken a 'vow of silence' on his pro-European views to keep the anti-Euro Tories in their box.

We'll see...

Meanwhile, can't wait to see Cameron bring back the other 'big beasts' of yesteryear like John Redwood, Norman Tebbitt and Michael Howard.

Bring 'em on!


Anonymous said...

you've got a long wait.

very minimal changes I've heard.

fairdealphil said...

You may think that bringing Ken Clarke back after 11 years on the backbenches is minimal.

Others may not agree.

As for the long wait, we had Michael Howard as the only voice of Team Cameron on the Politics Show yesterday, Clarke is back in the Shadow Cabinet, and i've just heard who the Conservatives put up on the World at One to respond to Government initiatives today to protect jobs and John Redwood.

All three within 24 hours.

All we need for the complete set is Norman Tebbitt.

Anonymous said...

The Tories haven't changed.

Not only that, they haven't moved.

The reliance on Clarke shows how intellectually challenged Cameron and Osborne are. THey don't even trust themselves on the economy!