Monday, January 05, 2009

FATAL UPDATE: Was car shunted into path of train...?

A woman died this morning when her car collided with a train at South Drove Level Crossing in West Road South Drove, near Spalding just before nine this morning.

It is not believed there are any other casualties on the train. The road - and the Peterborough-Spalding line has been closed.

UPDATE: The Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports that the car may have been 'shunted' into the path of the train by a Transit van. It is not known whether this morning's icy conditions were a factor.

UPDATE 2: The BBC quote police at the scene saying that it appears the woman, believed to be 30, was frantically trying to get her car off the tracks when it was split in two by the train. Parts of the car were pushed a quarter of a mile down the track.

UPDATE 3: Sky now has a map of the exact location - and a harrowing photo of the car. The question the investigation will no doubt concentrate on is how long elapsed between the barriers lowering and the arrival of the train. It is reported to have been 'very, very quick'.

UPDATE 4: Tuesday's Independent newspaper says the young woman who died was a school teacher - and the train that hit her car was running two minutes early.

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