Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for a Fair Deal on the Buses...

Mean-spirited councillors at Grantham have again decided to put off giving Deeping pensioners the same deal on the buses enjoyed in every other part of Lincolnshire.

Last April, Conservative-controlled South Kesteven Council refused to join a county-wide scheme to extend the Government's concessionary fares scheme to include buses before 9.30am.

They said they needed time to see how much it would cost.

Now the figures are in for the first six months of the scheme - and the actual cost to the council is about HALF what they actually bugetted for.

Now they have decided they need more time.

I believe it's an absolute disgrace.


Anonymous said...

No chance, its SKDC their boundry for spending stops at spittlegate hill IAN

Anonymous said...

Now why are we not surprised, in view of who is Granthams most famous citizen.

same old Tories, same old Thatcher.


Anonymous said...

GW, I think you will find that Isaac Newton was more famous than Mrs T, and although born in Woosthorpe I think you find Grntham claim him as their most famous citizen

Anonymous said...

Fair comment Anon - I would agree Isaac Walton as the more famous, Ms T as the most infamous.