Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow's gone, but local schools closed...

With tube and London buses at a virtual standstill and train companies advising only travel if absolutely essential, I decided to stop at home today.

True, there was only a light covering of snow on the ground first thing this morning had melted by mid-morning. But experience as a former commuter tells me that it was probably the wrong kind of snow! If I was lucky enough to make it to central London by lunchtime, I might arrive just in time to turn for home!

Right now, it's a beautiful clear winter day, but I understand the worst of the weather is expected to hit Lincolnshire later this afternoon with a forecast of four to six inches of proper snow overnight.

The Stamford Mercury has a list of local schools closed by today's snow.

UPDATE: No sooner has I posted than the snow started - and it seems to be settling...update from Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

UPDATE 2: Two dozen Lincs schools have looked at the forecast and already decided not to open tomorrow (Tuesday).

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Anonymous said...

It wouldn't have happened 30 years ago - see here:

We are raising a generation of pampered kids in a can't do society