Thursday, February 05, 2009

snowed in, be patient...

Ok, so it's only six, possibly eight inches of snow here in the Deepings, and there are many who would question whether we've become a nation of softies saying 'it's not like in 1948 or 1962 when we made it through ten foot drifts in flip flops and no shirt and only an cold oxo for dinner...'

But most people in the Deepings have rightly decided to take the safe option and stay at home this morning. We're a sensible lot.

So far the vehicle count down Church Street, each one skidding precariously on top of the packed snow is barely one an hour. As yet, you can't see any tarmac. No buses yet today.

I'm told there's rain forecast for later which will hopefully thaw things out this afternoon. I'm reassessing my planned journey at noon!

Just be patient.

Better to be a live softie than a dead macho-man...

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