Saturday, February 14, 2009

Martin's 'Titian moment' over BNP victory...

Tory Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill is unlikely to have won any friends on Fenside, Boston with his analysis of why they voted for a BNP councillor.

At Friday's county council meeting in Lincoln, Mark Anderson (Skegness, Labour) linked BNP winning their first seat on Boston Borough Council with lack of a coherent regeneration plan for the poorer parts of Lincolnshire.

In an astonishing outburst, Martin Hill blamed Labour for the BNP’s by election victory.

Martin insulted Fenside people, describing them as traditional Labour “who would vote for a dog” providing it was wearing a red rosette. But he said the BNP won because Fenside had given up on Labour.

Boston councillor Paul Goodale rose to his feet to say proudly that some years ago he was elected as a Labour candidate for Fenside…

Paul didn’t bark, but kept his cool, saying he now knew what the Council Leader thought of him.

Paul went on to point out that when he won his Fenside seat, the result was a LABOUR GAIN and he had in fact defeated a sitting CONSERVATIVE councillor.

I wonder if it was a donkey in a blue rosette…!!

In the coming months, I'm sure Paul will be making sure that his friends on Fenside get the knowledge on what the Tory Leader at the county council thinks of them.

I couldn't help thinking that this was Martin's 'Titian moment'...


Anonymous said...

All because he put Anderson in his box!

The only thing Anderson is famous for is parking his car in disabled bays.

Anonymous said...

I huess some donkeys with a blue rosette will never get elected, thankfully.
I have noticed how Geoff never seems to tell the whole story, probably because he would look even more ridiculous. Hill didn't put anyone in their box, he just succeeded n making himself look ridiculous - check the video.