Saturday, February 21, 2009

Probe launched into Lord Ashcroft's donations...

Tomorrow's Sunday Mirror has news of an official investigation into how the biggest donor to Cameron's Tories bankrolls the Conservatives from the foreign tax haven of Belize.

If his donations are found to be unlawful, Cameron's Conservatives could be ordered to pay back almost £5 million which Ashcroft targets on key marginal seats at the next General Election.

UPDATE: The Sunday Times also has more on the story.

It seems the Electoral Commission began its investigation some months ago, after the Sunday Times revealed that £4.79m had been transferred via a chain of companies from Belize, the Central American tax haven, to Bearwood Corporate Services (BCS), a British company said to be controlled by Ashcroft.

Of course, it might all be very innocent and above board...


Anonymous said...

This will be very interesting should it prove to be the case.... still doesnt make it right for bernie and the unions to be bankrolling the other lot!

Anonymous said...

"Of course, it might all be very innocent and above board..."

Sorry Phil, I had difficulty reading that line due to the noise and vibration of a passing squadron of low flying pigs !


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so predictable Mr. Dilks.

I suggest you take a close look at the election material of Jacqui Spliff at the last election because then you would find some real sleaze - £118,000 worth to be exact!