Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cameron's Tories caught trying to change history...

This one will go down in history as a classic.

It clearly shows there no depths or lies Cameron's Tories will not sink to...

Rather than admit that he was wrong in his crass attack on the Prime Minister yesterday, Cameron's Tories have been caught red-handed attempting to change a date in history to match his claim!!

The farce demonstrates that Cameron's Tories are more interested in stupid schoolboy stunts than the serious business of running the country and helping people through the global economic crisis.

As ever, the Tory cover-up is always worse than the gaffe itself.

Same old Tories. Or what?

UPDATE: Kerron Cross has an excellent post on how typical it is that Eton educated Cameron thinks that the date an artist died four hundred years ago (or 500 for all I care) was more important for a Leader of the Opposition than asking questions that might actually have some relevance to people's lives in the 21st Century...


Anonymous said...

Makes an interesting POV !

It is said that History is written by the winners.

There are exceptions !¬

Celtic history is always written/sung by the looser.

Tory versions of History are re-wwitten by the loosers to make them appear winners.


Anonymous said...

Yes' but who got it wrong in the first place?


:) :) :)

fairdealphil said...


i think you're missing the point.

Dave had a laugh at Gordon's expense, accusing him of getting the age of Titian wrong...

One of Dave's spivs in CCO realised his boss had made a huge gaffe and that Gordon was in faqct right, so then changed the entry on Titian on Wikki...

So Gordon didn't get it wrong at all - Dave did!!

But as always, it was the cover-up that sunk him.

Anonymous said...

Labour are used to cover ups.