Friday, January 02, 2009

Lincoln Theatre reluctant to admit the truth about Jade Goody

Bosses at Lincoln Theatre Royal reacted angrily to the Sunday People story that ex-Big Brother star Jade Goody was too ill to return as the Wicked Witch in their Snow White panto...

Oh yes she is coming back, they confidently told the Lincolnshire Echo rubbishing The People - despite reports that panto-fans felt short-changed.

No doubt with an eye on ticket sales, following the People's story at the weekend, Theatre manager Chris Moreno was quick to assure the Echo earlier this week:

Of course she'll be back. It's total rubbish and all they have done is made up nonsense. No-one has spoken to us at all. The People has just made this up.
Strong words.

And in an update as late as this morning, the Echo reported the less than forthcoming Mr Moreno as saying:

I don't appreciate being constantly intruded on like this.
The truth is that Jade, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the summer, is in the Royal Marsden Hospital for an operation to unblock a kidney.

Finally and rather belatedly, Mr Moreno admitted later today that oh no, she's not coming back.

But tonight, the Theatre Royal is still touting this sales poster advertising Jade's starring role. And the ticket sales hype still says 'Jade WILL appear...'

To use your words Mr Moreno: That's nonsense. And you know it's nonsense.

Neither Big Brother nor Gobby Jade are my cuppa - and I would rather watch grass grow than see her on stage (even if she does appear to have more than just health problems).

But I do hope 27-year-old Jade makes a full recovery soon.

And I hope the Theatre Royal stops playing silly games.

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