Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our local world champ Wolfie goes for tops...

Deepings darts star Martin Wolfie Adams is back on stage tonight in the next round of his attempt to win back his World Darts Champion title.

He got off to a shaky start on Monday night in an edge of the seat early rounds battle that literally went right down to the wire when he kept missing the doubles.

Wolfie is the oldest player on the world darts circuit and as world champion a couple of years ago, has been around long enough for our local media at least to know where he lives.

But the Peterborough Evening Telegraph the
Stamford Mercury and even the Bourne Local - all insist he's from Market Deeping!

He's not. And whether they haven't checked their facts, or think it's ok to describe DSJ as part of MD, its sloppy journalism.

The truth is that Martin lives right here in the village of Deeping St James, which as residents will tell you, is not part of the town of Market Deeping. Fortunately, we've moved on from the days of 'territorial' punch-ups on the border between rival teenagers from the two parishes.

But local papers should be well aware that while the town of MD is our friendly neighbour, DSJ is a community proud of its own identity. And we have a bigger population than MD to boot!

Here endeth the whinge (for now).

Tonight's BBC2 coverage starts after Newsnight at 11.20.

Good Luck Wolfie.

If you missed Monday night's thriller, you can see highlights HERE, and the post-match interview where a relieved Wolfie praises his opponent HERE
both courtesy of BBC2.

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