Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The appeal for the suffering Gaza children the BBC refuses to show...

Judge for yourself. It's not about politics. It's a straight forward humanitarian appeal to help the innocent children...

The BBC says its impartiality may be compromised if it shows it.

Alternatively, you may think that the BBC's impartiality will be compromised, if it doesn't show it...


Anonymous said...

I think the BBc is right because it would be seen as taking sides.

Even as we speak Hamas are already starting to mend tunnels destroyed by Israel so as they can resume smuggling.

fairdealphil said...

This is a feeble excuse. Has the BBC never broadcast a humanitarian appeal for the victims following a war?

If the BBC broadcast an appeal for victims of the Nazi holocaust, would that have been taking sides?

Taking the side of the innocent childen of Gaza who are paying the heaviest price seems reasonable to me.

Viewers are well able to realise that a DEC humanitarian appeal is just that.

Show some compassion if you are able Geoffrey.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you know & and I know and next doors dog knows that much, if not most of the money raised by the DEC will be diverted into Hamas.

The means? "taxes", "levys". inspections costs, administrative fees, and pure theft will ensure that any aid entering Gaza will not go to relieving suffering of inocent parties. It will go to facists in Hamas. Unfortunately we have seen this too often to have any doubts otherwise.

I will not be contributing to this appeal and I can only ask other people to keep their hands in thier pockets as well.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like GW has a guilty conscience.

Go on GW, I hereby exempt you from ever having to do a good deed.

Keep your hands in your pockets and your mind on anything but the world's problems.

Anonymous said...

The funding of Hamas is a world problem.

What a pity it is that money raised to help children will be uses to kill and mutilate children by Hamas.


Anonymous said...


I think you need to review who it was who mutilated hundreds of children.

You seem awful confused.