Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada bets on Hillary...UPDATED

Hillary Clinton is claiming a big win in a record turnout in Nevada. Following her surprise comeback to take New Hampshire, the gambling state has put her back on track as the front-runner to take the Democrat nomination and become the first female President.

But as we've already seen in the caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire, anything could happen in this race.

Barack Obama is still in the fight: a CNN national poll published yesterday showed him making big gains among black voters who previously backed Hillary Clinton.

Barack is expected to do well in South Carolina, next stop on the Democrat campaign trail where voting takes place in a week's time. But it may not be settled Super Tuesday next month when Democrats in 20 states pick their favoured candidate for October's election.

Meanwhile, the Republican race is taking place both Nevada and South Carolina tonight. CNN are calling Nevada for the man with the most money Mitt Romney, who hopes to become the first Mormon in the Oval Office. But the smart money seems to be on Vietnam veteran John McCain. In SC, McCain appears to be ahead and is apparently calling for an extension to voting hours following reports of machinery malfunctions...

When will Americans learn that a blunt pencil is infinitely more reliable than their duff electronic gadgetry...?

UPDATE: With 97% of the Democrat caucuses in Nevada now reported, CNN says Hillary is on 51%and Barack Obama on 45%.

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