Thursday, January 24, 2008

I solve mystery of 'Sammy' the slug-like seal...

I've solved the mystery of the slug-like seal spotted on the river at Peterborough earlier this week: it's definitely not Sammy, as the Evening Telegraph speculated a couple of nights ago.

And the seal spotted on the River Nene in the city last year wasn't Sammy either.

I have it on good authority - the BBC website - that Sammy the Seal was sadly shot some years ago, apparently after getting the blame for raiding salmon farms. The death penalty was said to be the last resort after broke his ASBO (anti-salmon-behaviour-order)and ignored the warnings.

Poor Sammy the Scoffer of Salmon (allegedly) couldn't have been an English-speaking seal or he would have read the signs saying he wasn't supposed to eat the salmon he caught, but throw it back like good sports...

Anyway, compare the photo on the right here, that ET reader Steve Farrell snapped a few days ago in Peterborough with the BBC photo (above) of Scottish Sammy munching on his last supper before meeting his maker: I'm sure you'll conclude, as I have, that there's no real likeness.

However, I did enjoy the comments on my original post from GW about Billy the Cardiff seal who was said to have been caught red-handed in the 1930s trying to board a tram...!

He became so famous, the good people of Wales built a statue to Billy.

Keep 'em coming...

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